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International business development of a new business unit

- Rapid analysis (less than 2 months) of a dormant product line in order to evaluate its growth potential
- Elaboration of a development business plan for that product line in order to make it a contributing business unit
-identifying markets to be targetted by sector of the industry and by geographical area;
- Business model selection
- Identification of potential customers in targeted countries
- Implementation of a sales and operations organisation to deliver the business plan

Metalworking company

342 000 000 €


Speed up turnaround

Coaching the marketing, commercial and product development teams in order to bring the product line renewal cycle from 2 years to 1 year

EMDEVELOP expertise combines a significant industrial experience with an outsider’s point of view, free of self-limitation natural trend of company’s employees

Wood stoves

35 000 000 €


Fight against counterfeiting

Coordination of the technical means in place to fight against counterfeiting in China of the group main brands sold in China.

[Customer’s point of view]

World leader for Wines & Spirits

8 558 000 000 €


Identifying growth relays

Mission : Identification de relais de croissance, y compris dans le domaine des services, basés sur l’exploitation du savoir-faire industriel et technique d la société
Travail, en collaboration étroite avec l’équipe projet de Baikowski, pour identifier en moins de 4 mois des axes de développement industriels et de services.

"We have asked EMDEVELOP to help us on a project aimed at identifying new businesses and more specifically new services.
We have very much appreciated how efficiently Edouard Marienbach has taken ownership of the problem at stake, identified, in a coordinated effort with our inside team, new business leads and called on his network to establish the right contacts for defining and implementing new growth relays.
In a time span of 3 months, several significant growth opportunities have been found, a number of which are being implemented"

Benoit Grenot. CEO Baikowski


40 000 000 €