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Strategic and commercial analysis upstream

You are working on an acquisition or an investment in a company: EMDEVELOP brings you the field experience of the markets . For niche markets especially, no market survey is available and the only way to understand the customers and competitors environment is to call on a specialist.
Part time or full time

Independent board member

You have invested in a company. You are looking for a board member to represent you as an independent board member with an industrial and management experience and able to challenge the management of the company on the company’s strategy and to help on specific topics: acquisitions, change management….EMDEVELOP is your representative
For all types of companies: start-ups, SMEs, Groups...

Supporting the company and its management

EMDEVELOP can organise working groups to identify growth relays, define new markets -blue ocean type-, be the project manager for growth management or change management
Operational consulting or coaching

Operational role

EMDEVELOP can manage a business unit, a company on a temporary basis awaiting to put a final organisation in place or until the business has grown enough to be integrated in the main organisation.